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Monday, December 31, 2012

Grid Lines Must Connect in Peru in 2013 to Ease the Shift

LINK to this Important Message

If you resonate with the information on this trip ~ you need to join us.

There are 350 million re-incarnated Lemurians on planet earth right now.
We need a few handfuls to complete this mission. If you are reading this, you are of Lemurian ancestry...

 Reverend Mel shares his Lemurian knowledge

The Lemurian Light was 5th dimensional. Lemurians lived as 5th dimensional people ~ not as 3rd dimensional people. They were vibrating with at least 4 strands of DNA. Some had 6 strands.

Lemurians are descendants of angels.

Mel brings Elsar through. Elsar is a very high vibrational Elvin guide. He is also very witty and funny! Elvins were the highest consciousness beings to hold form and are the ancestors of Lemurians (along with the angels).

Lemurians lived through all 4 bodies. There were a 4 body healing society. The Lemurians have already accomplished what we are trying to do now. We are using the Lemurians as a guidepost for what we are trying to do now in the shift. 

Lemurian lifestyles, past lifestyles, messages, tune in, get messages about what they are doing in this life time and what they are doing here now.

Millions are here now who are --- will definitely benefit on this journey. 

Why Your Presence is needed on this trip

Grid lines have been in place since time of Lemuria. When Lemuria sank, the grid lines went dormant. 

It is critical what we do at the Lake Titicaca portal.  We will awaken the power of the grid lines themselves to almost full power. Celestial beings are coming in when we complete our part. These beings will activate the grids to full power. They need us to reset the grids.

We are going to be so lucky that while we are doing this, we can experience the Lemurian energy and gain so much information about the Lemurian  societies ~ at a time and place when things were vibrating at a major level.

Elvin Guide Elsar shares through Rev Mel   

We PROVIDE CLARITY: Explanation - changing, adjusting so people can resonate with grid work.

WHY it is so important to humanity and the great shift.

Somebody has to do it. This is the work that has to be done - energetic creation - without it will be extremely difficult for galactics and their energy to be available to assist the shift on planet earth.

It is hard for the planet, Mother Earth, to have the shift happen at its full potential. The limited grid structure at present is limiting accessibility by our celestial brethren... who are offering help that will be immeasurably important on earth plane. Without their help it will be a bumpity ride.

They have experienced a shift - so they will be able to walk us through this shift and the pre-shift. 

The grid work you will be doing in Peru in 2013 is essential to allowing this energetic wisdom access, support and help.

After January of 2013, there will be many more sightings and interaction with galactics.
The grid lines importance will become greater and greater.

It will be fascinating to read what will transpire on this trip in 2013. 

Many will then want to participate in the grid work once they are made aware of what is to be done and the consequences of what won’t be done if grid work not done.


We will be in truth. It is one of the most important parts that will happen in the pre-shift.

We will benefit by having help from the celestial worlds. Celestial beings are standing by -waiting - to help Mother Earth. The grid line pathways have to be activated in 2013 in Peru.

Re Archangel Raphael and that very powerful energy. The wisdom here far exceeds what we need in this lifetime. AA Raphael is very much involved with this trip.

The archangels and higher realms of the angelic realm will be looking at this process. 

I know for sure angels in the higher realms have been directed to work at healing and where the population is heading. Humanity is not up to speed on their healing process. 
It is taking a lot longer than we wished it to be.

SPRING  2013 MARCH EQUINOX … subscribe for updates

Lemuria ~ A magical multidimensional society living in love and spiritual connectivity.

A place that honors cherishes and celebrates our connections to nature.

Lemuria ~ a place where spiritual truth and integrity are practiced in all facets of unconditional love.

The energies of Lemuria are returning to planet earth now in the dawning of the New Dream.

Join us in a voyage of celebration, joy and discovery of all things Lemurian.

The vast continent of Lemuria once covered the Pacific Ocean ~ extending to the western shores of California and South America and as far east as Mt Fuji in Japan

Mt Shasta and Machu Picchu and Peru continue to hold the divine feminine energies in balance with the divine masculine.

Our joyful trip to Peru will rediscover what is it like to live in these energies as we travel in a multi-dimensional assembly of spirit guided loving beings - human and otherwise.

This trip is packed with amazing events supporting the great shift in consciousness
  • Quantum ceremonies 
  • Live On-site channeled sessions 
  • Live channeling of the spiritual energies
  • Lessons in Living in Lemurian Love


            What Else Will Happen
  • Live Channeled Messages at sacred sites
  • Learn Lemurian sacred breathing techniques
  • Access multi-dimensions on sacred sites
  • Learn Lemurian healing with golden particles
  • Learn to access your pineal gland ~ Seat of your soul
  • Going through Quantum Inter-dimensional Doorways
  • Accessing the higher consciousness of quantum and galactic portals
  • Fun and joyful company
  • Vibrational Energetic Upgrades
  • Lessening of Your Density
  • Lemurian Music
  • Special recognition and the Soul Badge of Honor from the Golden Lemurian Council
  • Angelic Blessings
  • Help anchor the divine feminine, Christ consciousness and galactic energies into the earth

Your Presence is Requested to Help Set the Planetary Grids ~

ReActivate Healing Unconditional Lemurian Love on Planet Earth ~

Open Doorways to Higher Consciousness Communication.

Dear One...Please Join Us Now

LINK to this  Message

CONTACT for Trip Information

845.434.3829 US

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